Cielledue is a young company founded by Ciro Lecce, grandson of Ciro, one of the first artisans of Aversa, the historic center of footwear production in southern Italy, located in the province of Caserta.


Strong craft tradition inherited from his grandfather, Ciro Lecce has created a company that has succeeded in combining the values ​​of the past with the most modern equipment in the industry.


Cielledue mainly implemented the male line, producing models of classic shoes, lace, sneakers, loafers and boots. Recently, the company has also launched the female line creating models of sneakers, cowboy boots and classic shoes.


For both lines, Cielledue always uses of leather of high quality and the best materials.


Cielledue then arises as the heir of a long tradition that dates back to the 20 'of the last century, and at the same time presents itself as a company that has innovated from the point of view of style and technology.